Business strategy analysis
Business strategy analysis

Business strategy ANALYSIS

Proposition’s Value

What is the value of the proposition which you offer to your customer?
Describe to me the characteristics that differentiate you from your competitors.
What kind of problem do you solve for your client?
Talk to me about the reasons that push your potential customer to become your customer
Suggestions for analyzing your differential proposition’s value:
Is your product better than the competition?
Is your product cheaper than the competition?
Does your product reduce the risks compared to what the market offers today?

Customer segments

Is your product better than the competition?
List your different types of targets and, if you have them, specify your different way of bringing with each of the categories you sell to.
Tips for identifying your different categories of reference:
Public or private;
National or regional institutional;
Are there different needs that justify different value of propositions and a different approach?

Relationship with the customer

How are customers acquired in your company?
How do you keep customers in your business?
Let me explain better: Is your proposition’s value fortified by a personal relationship through a consulting service?
Tips for identifying what I mean by Relationship:
Does the customer have personalized assistance or are the services you offer automated?

Distribution to the customer

How does the contact with the customer take place?
Describe how you sell your product to customers. Does the distribution of your product take place directly (e.g. points of sale, commercial or the customer comes to the company) or does it also take place indirectly (e.g. partners or platforms of external partners)?

Strategic partners

What I mean by Partner:
Strategic partners are those figures who allow the scalability of the business, who spread the brand and are important because they are ambassadors of your company's products and services. In my opinion, companies are not self-sufficient, but they also exist thanks to the interdependence of partners who are strategic for what they the offer to the customer.
Who are them to you?
Suggestions for identifying them: Joint ventures can also be considered.

Strategic resources

Which are the strategic resources for your business?
List the activities, the specific personnel, the physical structures that are indispensable for the proposal of your service to your client.
Tips for getting into the specifics of this analysis:
To identify which are the fundamental or strategic resources of your product / service, always keep in mind your proposition’s value and your customer segment.

Strategic activities

What is the most important activity that your company has to do to realize the business model that you have in mind? ?

Cost and Revenue structure

I mean the cost structure and how you calculate it: fees or fixed / variable costs, short, medium and long term;how did you study the revenues.
How do customers pay you?
Are the revenues from sales due to fees, registrations? How is your business sustained?
Explain to me your income statement , how it develops, so that I can understand how you thought about this important structure and about making the appropriate sustainability analyzes.
Suggestion of analysis:
I mean the cost structure and how you calculate it: fixed / variable fees or costs, short, medium and long term as you have studied the revenues.

Video presentation

Introduce me to the heart of your business in a video up to 9 minutes.*

*It’s not necessary to make a video with professional equipment; a video made with a smartphone with good resolution, recorded in a quiet and bright environment.
Fai clic o trascina il file su quest'area per caricarlo.
Does the video exceed 250mb? You can send it to us via WETRANSFER at

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis, also known as the SWOT matrix, is a strategic planning tool that, if used well, can be useful and valuable for your business. This analysis allows you to observe the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of your company, your strategy, your project.
Business strategy analysis
Business strategy analysis

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